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Thursday Programs:
6-8am The Pontoon Palace
Hosted by: Rich Pontius
A good natured but incorrigible bin-digger becomes embroiled in an early morning plot to present a rich panoply of deep folk, heavy rock, psych, country, jazz and pop, all the while indulging his boundless zeal for mischief and romance.

Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 6:00 am Playlist
Thu Nov 25 6:00 am Playlist
8-10am Breakfast of Champions
Hosted by: Tim, Ted, Becca, Roksi, Erik, and Jon
Start your morning off right with a bowl full of sugary sweet pop goodness, sprinkle on some tasty punk influences, and help yourself to the buffet of sumptuous soundscapes, melancholy melodies, quirky cadences and raucous rock.

Twitter Feed: @bocwmbr
Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 8:00 am Playlist
Thu Nov 25 8:00 am Playlist
10am-Noon Late Risers' Club
Hosted by: Joanie, Mark, Mook, Ron, L-Train, and a rotating cast of Tuesday punxxx
It's like sewing your ear to a vacuum cleaner.

Twitter Feed: @laterisersclub
Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 10:00 am Playlist
Thu Nov 25 10:00 am Playlist
Noon-2pm Lost and Found
Hosted by: Mark Francis, Lawrence Azrin, Bob Dubrow, Brother Wayne, Christopher Vyce, Alex McNeil
Rock, pop, and soul from the ’60s and early ’70s, but not the same old songs you hear every day on commercial radio.

Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 12:00 pm Playlist
Thu Nov 25 12:00 pm  
2-4pm Troubadour
Hosted by: Chuck Rosina, Bruce Sylvester
An eclectic journey from traditional roots music right up to the present day. Folk, blues, bluegrass, rock, R&B, reggae, and beyond. Songs looking at social justice issues. Local artists too. Roots music without bounds or barriers.
Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 2:00 pm Playlist
Thu Nov 25 2:00 pm Playlist
4-5:30pm New Wave New Year
Hosted by: keith or christopher
The 80's show that kept you company on New Year's pops back onto the airwaves with a wide range of synthetic styles from the late 70's to the early 90's.
Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 4:00 pm Playlist
5:30-6pm WMBR Nightly News
Hosted by: WMBR News Department
News and analysis from independent journalists around the country, as well as local news and events in Cambridge and Greater Boston, featuring voices not often heard in the mainstream media.

Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 5:30 pm  
Thu Nov 25 5:30 pm  
6-8pm Radio Ninja
Hosted by: L-Train
It's not necessarily dance music and it's not necessarily not dance music. Radio Ninja has been bringing you car commercial music since 2003. #radioninjssince2003

Twitter Feed: @l_train
Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 6:00 pm  
8-10pm Nonstop Ecstatic Screaming
Hosted by: Thao
Two hours of sound designed to split your skull open, break your brain, and pop your funk. Bloopity bits and bobs, plinkety plonk, drone, skronk, assorted noise, a bumping beat here and there, etc.
Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 8:00 pm Playlist
10-11pm Sewersounds
Hosted by: Teep
The undercurrent of electronix presented via a live-mix moodmat. Twitter Feed: @sewersounds
Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 10:00 pm Playlist
11pm-Midnight Abstractions
Hosted by: Brett Boston
Reject the smallest artisanal record of sick-ignorant, CO2-minded and corporeal n-tuples. Receive paid "Goodbyes" via post-dictated silence. Music to shred the paper-thin walls of reality by.
Listen to past shows: Thu Dec 02 11:00 pm Playlist
Thu Nov 25 11:00 pm  
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