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Weekly Rock Report for April 21, 2012
1 Night Birds The Other Side Of Darkness Grave Mistake
2 Hallelujah The Hills No One Knows What Happens Next Discrete Pagentry
3 Little Barrie King of the Waves Tummytouch
4 The Alligators Time's Up You're Dead Bridge 9
5 Brat Farrar Brat Farrar Off The HIp
6 Cheap Freaks Bury Them All Big Neck
7 Grimes Visions 4AD
8 Wax Idols No Future HoZac
9 Mux Mool Planet High School Ghostly International
10 The Proselyte Sunshine -
11 Dr. John Locked Down Nonesuch
12 Baby Woodrose Third Eye Surgery Bad Afro
13 Cheap Time Wallpaper Music In The Red
14 Thee Vicars I Wanna Be Your Vicar Dirty Water
15 The Men Open Your Heart Sacred Bones
16 Kepi Ghoulie I Bleed Rock N Roll Asian Man
17 Black Cheers BC Masters Vol. 2 -
18 La Bastard La Bastard Off The HIp
19 The Skunks Can't Get Loose Last Laugh
20 Peter & The Test Tube Babies For A Few Dollars More Locomotive
21 Various Nardwuar the Human Serviette and The Evaporators Present? Busy Doint Nothing! Mint
22 Zammuto Zammuto Temporary Residence
23 Russian Roulettes Physical Education EP Off The HIp
24 Pins of Light II Alternative Tentacles/Virus
25 Clark Iradelphic Warp
26 Yppah Eighty-One Ninja Tune
27 Mind Spiders Meltdown Dirtnap
28 TRST TRST Arts & Crafts
29 Los Chicos Launching Rockets Rock Is Pain
30 Sonic Avenues Television Youth Dirynap
31 AM Stereo When You Wish Upon A Bar -
32 Coke Weed Nice Dreams -
33 Radar Eyes Radar Eyes HoZac
34 L'Assassins L'Assassins Big Action
35 Dog Day Deformer -

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