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Weekly Rock Report for February 27, 2010
1 Resonars That Evil Drone Burger
2 Overnight Lows City of Rotten Eyes Goner
3 Bad Sports Bad Sports Douche Master
4 Under Al Kritik Under Al Kritik Darlige Har Liv
5 Cute Lepers Smart Accessories 1-2-3-4 Go!
6 Mean Jeans Are You Serious? Dirtnap
7 Moon Duo Escape Woodist
8 Eddy Current Suppresion Ring Demon's Demands 7-inch Iron Lung
9 Soft Pack Soft Pack Kemado
10 Fallen Leaves That's Right Parliament
11 Fucked Up Couple Tracks Matador
12 Cotton Candy Top Notch Teen Beat
13 Sonic Avenue Sonic Avenue Going Gaga
14 Vermin Poets Vermin Poets / The Doors Of Perception SmartGuy
15 Pistol Mob Close Enough Alley Cat
16 Marked Men/This Is My Fist Split 7-inch No Idea
17 Trubbel GB EP Alley Cat
18 "Kubisova, Marta" Ne! The Soul of Marta Kubisova VampiSoul
19 Social Circkle City Shock No Way!
20 Chris Joss Monomaniacs Vol. 1 ESL
21 Impulse International Point Of Action Dirtnap
22 Night Control Life Control Kill Shaman
23 Young Tremors Very Nice Very Nice Teenage Heart
24 White Hills White Hills Thrill Jockey
25 Spits Pain 7-inch Slovenly
26 Various The BYG Deal Finders Keepers
27 Strapping Fieldhands Discus Shangri-La
28 Bettie Serveert Pharmacy of Love Palomine
29 Anais Mitchell Hadestown Righteous Babe
30 Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents Keepin Time -
31 Various Break Out 3 Cut Out
32 Defeater Lost Ground Bridge Nine
33 Various Boston: A Punk And Hardcore Compilation! Rodent Popiscle
34 Regulations Different Needs EP Havoc
35 Dead Cats Dead Rats Riff -

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