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Monthly Rock Report for January 2008
1 Setting Son The Setting Son Bad Afro
2 Tyvek 2 x 7-inch What's My Rupture?
3 Major Stars Mirror / Messenger Drag City
4 Black Mountain In The Future Jagjaguwar
5 Apache Boys Life / Crystal Clear 7-inch Douchemaster
6 Ruckus Roboticus Playing With Scratches Grease
7 Whitsundays The Whitsundays Friendly Fire
8 Magnetic Fields Distortion Nonesuch
9 Cornelius Gum ep Everloving
10 Carbonas Carbonas Goner
11 Chesterfield Kings Psychedelic Sunrise Wicked Cool
12 Curses All Hail The Curses -
13 Bad Chopper Bad Chopper Acme
14 Baby Woodrose Chasing Rainbows Bad Afro
15 hollAnd Love Fluxus Teenbeat
16 Forbidden Tigers Magnetic Problems Deadbeat
17 Mahjongg Kontpab K Recs
18 Cat Power Jukebox Matador
19 Coconut Coolouts Party Time Machine Xeroid
20 Turbines The 1983 Radiotapes Metal Snowball
21 White Hills Heads on Fire Rocket
22 Gondoliers The Gondoliers -
23 Graham Day & the Gaolers Soundtrack to the Daily Grind Damaged Goods
24 Victims Real Wild Child Golden Discs
25 Atlas Sound Atlas Sound Kranky
26 Times New Viking Rip It Off Matador
27 Tulsa I Was Submerged Park The Van
28 Blind Shake Carmel Learning Curve
29 Pet Genius Pet Genius Hydrahead
30 Lover One in A Billion 7-inch Solid Sex Louie Doll
31 Videohippos Unbeast The Leash Monitor
32 AKACOD AKACOD Brother Guy
33 Happy Hate Me Nots The Good That's Been Done Peel Presents
34 Fleshtones Take A Good Look! Yep Roc
35 Daily Void ID Trade Deadbeat
36 Urges Psych Ward Off the Hip
37 Destroyalldreamers Wish I Was All Flames Where Are My
38 Freezepop Future Future Future Perfect Rykodisc
39 Doom Buggies The Doom Buggies -
40 Fire on Fire 5 Song ep Young God
41 Defectors Bruised and Satisfied Bad Afro
42 Bulldozer The Day Of Wrath Roadrunner
43 Various Black Mirror Dust To Digital
44 Brimstone Howl Guts of Steel Alive
45 Cheap Time Spoiled Brat 7-inch Sweet Rot
46 Evaporators Gassy Jack & Other Tales Mint
47 Mtn. High Wicked Wanderer Hot Dog City
48 Sigur Ros Hvarf/Helm XL
49 Sprained Ankles You Love The Sprained Ankles Teenage Heart
50 Welsch/Hess/Hinger Stunderthorm Sonic Flame

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