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Weekly Rock Report for December 15, 2007
1 Sprained Ankles You Love The Sprained Ankles Teenage Heart
2 Chesterfield Kings Psychedelic Sunrise Wicked Cool
3 Destroyalldreamers Wish I Was All Flames Where Are My
4 Place To Bury Strangers A Place To Bury Strangers Killer Pimp
5 Major Stars Mirror / Messenger Drag City
6 hollAnd Love Fluxus Teenbeat
7 Polysics Vista myspace
8 Pan Sonic Katodivaihe/Cathodephase Mute/Blast First
9 Victims Real Wild Child Golden Discs
10 Red Dons Death To Idealism Deranger
11 We Are Wolves Total Magique Dare to Care
12 Wire Read and Burn 03 Cargo
13 Various B9 Bis: Belgian Cold Wave LTM
14 Curses All Hail The Curses -
15 Lucksmiths Spring A Leak Matinee
16 Blind Shake Carmel Learning Curve
17 Brother Kite Moonlit Race ep Clairecords
18 Maritime Heresy and the Hotel Choir Flameshovel
19 Enon Grass Geysers ? Carbon Clouds Touch and Go
20 Blockhead Uncle Tony's Coloring Book Ninja Tune
21 Lover One in A Billion Solid Sex Louie Doll
22 Various Black Mirror Dust To Digital
23 Mannequin Men Fresh Rot Flameshovel
24 Satelliters Where Do We Go Dionysus
25 Six Too Jackals And Vipers In Envy Of Man Ninja Tune
26 Various Burn Your Fingers On The Sun Off the Hip
27 Varsity Drag For Crying Out Loud Boss Tuneage
28 Brimstone Howl Guts of Steel Alive
29 Freezepop Future Future Future Perfect Rykodisc
30 AKACOD AKACOD Brother Guy
31 Resonars Nonetheless Blue Get Hip
32 Outlets Rock-1980 Welfare
33 Evaporators Gassy Jack & Other Tales Mint
34 Octagon Nothing But Change Serious Business
35 Cocked N Loaded Vicious Cock Fight -

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