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Weekly Rock Report for July 21, 2007
1 Bottom of the Hudson Fantastic Hawk Absolutely Kosher
2 Clorox Girls J'aime Les Filles BYO
3 Iron and Wine Boy With a Coin Sub Pop
4 Epsilons Killed 'em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand Retard Disco
5 Various Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label Numero Group
6 Boo and Boo Too Boo and Boo Too Ironpaw
7 High Tension Wires Midnight Cashier Dirtnap
8 Hangmen In The City Acetate
9 Caribou Melody Play ep Merge
10 Hans Appelqvist Sifantin Och Morkret Hapna
11 Hex Dispensers The Hex Dispensers Alien Snatch
12 Hope In Ghosts All Your Departures Frantic
13 Adverts Cast of Thousands-The Ultimate Edition The Devil's Jukebox
14 Chelsea Smiles Thirty Six Hours Later Acetate
15 Hallelujah The Hills Collective Psychosis Be Gone Misra
16 Sebadoh Freed Man Domino
17 Dilettantes 101 Tambourines Happy Parts
18 B for Brontosaurus A Thousand Times Yea -
19 Intellectuals Invisible Is The Best Dead Beat
20 Future Conditional We Don't Just Dissapear LTM
21 Shepherdess Shepherdess Kimchee
22 Black Moth Super Rainbow Dandelion Gum Graveface
23 Big Disappointments Big Disappointments -
24 Bad Brains Build a Nation Megaforce
25 Buffalo Tom Three Easy Pieces New West
26 Nonloc Between Hemispheres Strange Attractors
27 Parts & Labor Mapmaker Brah
28 Sunray Tomorrow Strawberry
29 Terco Terco Discos Mariposas
30 Hentchmen Hentch.Forth.Five Archer
31 Electrelane No Shouts No Calls Too Pure
32 Barracudas Through the Mysts of Time VOXX
33 Functional Blackouts/KK Rampage "Split 7""" Big Neck
34 Information EP s/r
35 Shimmys Drive You Wild! Off The Hip

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