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Weekly Rock Report for January 29, 2005
1 MHz Harness The Power Flying Bomb
2 Dents Time for Biting Abbey Lounge Records
3 Bags Sharpen Your Sticks Oaf
4 LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem DFA
5 BellRays The Red White & Black Alternative Tentacles
6 Various Narnack Records Is Narnack
7 Major Stars Major Stars 4 Twisted Village
8 Tussle Kling Klang Troubleman Unlimited
9 "Gillis, Andrea" Demo Demo
10 M83 Before the Dawn Heals Us Mute
11 "Barlow, Lou" Emoh Merge
12 Satellites Hashish Dionysius
13 Low The Great Destroyer Sub Pop
14 Various Sympathetic Sounds Of Montreal Sympathy For The Record Industry
15 Fat Day Unf! Unf! Load
16 Televangelist And The Architect The Mass Exodus From California Undetected Plagiarism
17 B-Movie Remembrance Fays Cherry Red
18 Insaints Sins of Saints Disaster
19 Archer Prewitt Wilderness Thrill Jockey
20 Stereo Total Do the Bambi Kill Rock Stars
21 Turpentine Brothers We Don't Care About Your Good Times Alive
22 23rd Turnoff Dream of Michaelangelo RPM
23 Social Distortion Sex Love & Rock n' Roll Timebomb
24 Volante Static Until Sunrise Guilt Ridden Pop
25 Detroit Cobras baby Rough Trade
26 Circle Guillotine Scratch
27 David Last Push Pull Agriculture
28 Senator O'Brien Inauguration KingDumb
29 Graham Coxon Happiness In Magazines Astralwerks/Transcopic
30 Electric Frankenstein Super Kool VMS/Morphius
31 Japanther Master of Pigeons Menlo Park
32 Electrolux Combo Beat Party! Mister Reusch
33 Coke Dares Here We Go With Essay
34 Bunny Brains Box the Bunny Narnack
35 Mekons So Good It Hurts Quarterstick

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