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Weekly Rock Report for April 6, 2002
1 Rocket From the Tombs The Day the Earth Met the Smog Veil
2 Comet Gain Realistes Kill Rock Stars
3 New Radiant Storm King Winter's Kill Rainbow Quartz
4 Radio 4 Gotham! Gern Blandsten
5 Ballboy Club Anthems Manifesto
6 Pink & Brown/Death Drug Split ep Load
7 Clinic Walking With Thee Domino
8 Dirtbombs Chariots Of The Gods? Au-go-go
9 Citizen Bird Citizen Bird Stinky
10 Dirty Sweets Bubblegum Damaged Rip Off
11 Generators State of the Nation TKO
12 Consonant Consonant Fenway
13 Coachwhips Hands On The Control Black Apple
14 First Night on Earth No One Knows Anything For Sure Liquilab
15 Metropolitan Down For You Is Up Crank
16 Catheters Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days Sub Pop
17 Green Pajamas This is Where We Disappear Rubric
18 Dressy Bessy Sound Go Round Kindercore
19 Chicago Underground Duo Axis & Alignment Thrill Jockey
20 Consumers All My Friends Are Dead Trinity
21 Psychotic Reaction Red Alert Psycho Bubblegum
22 Pretty Girls Make Graves Good Health Cookout
23 Czolgosz 500 Reasons Rodent Popsicle
24 David James Motorcycle A Loose Mood Trip -
25 Lucksmiths Where Were We? Matinee
26 Motorhead Hammered Sanctuary
27 A Certain Ratio Early Soul Jazz
28 Marshmallow Coast Ride the Lightning Misra
29 Sleeping Flies You Are Superior Kindercore
30 Audio Explorations Action Reaction Eskimo Kiss
31 USA is a Monster Citizens of the Universe Infrasound
32 Currituck Co. Unpacking My Library Teen Beat
33 Go Back Snowball Calling Zero Rockathon
34 Penetrators Live at Kennedy's 1980 Rave Up
35 Boards of Canada Geogoddi Warp

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