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Weekly Rock Report for December 3, 2000
1 In Out A Living Memorial in Deutschland Dark Beloved Cloud
2 Last Stand Any Battle Won One Way
3 Add N to (X) Add Insult to Injury Mute
4 Bikeride Summer Winners Summer Losers Hidden Agenda
5 Hopewell The Curved Glass Priapus
6 Corvette Summer Corvette Summer Cheap Thrill
7 Bevis Frond Valedictory Songs Rubric
8 Alchemysts Zero Zen Rubric
9 Experimental Aircraft Experimental Aircraft Devil in the Woods
10 Delgados No Danger Chemical Underground
11 Nation of Ulysses The Embassy Tapes Dischord
12 Q and Not U No Kill No Beep Beep Dischord
13 Engine Down To Bury With the Sound Lovitt
14 Coco Coco K
15 Dreamchild La Fee Verte DCM
16 Takers 5 Songs -
17 Barcelona Zero-One-Infinity March
18 Various Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 3 Hopeless
19 All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors Straight Blue Line Gern Blandsten
20 "Buckner, Richard" The Hill Overcoat
21 Versus Hurrah Merge
22 AFI The Art of Drowning Nitro
23 Bright Full Negative (or) Breaks Ba Da Bing
24 Various Free the West Memphis 3 Koch
25 Abunai! Round-Wound Camera Obscura
26 Lilys Selected File 13
27 Oneida Come On Everybody Let's Rock Jagjaguwar
28 Blow Tops Deep Thrust Flying Bomb
29 This is Adelaide This is Adelaide Suburban
30 Motion Picture A Paper Gift Words on Music
31 Yo La Tengo Danelectro Matador
32 Jericho When The Battery Dies Gunboat
33 ABBC Tete a Tete Wabana
34 Twin Atlas The Philadelphia Parking Authority Must Die Tappersize
35 Black Watch Lime Green Girl Saltwater

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