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Weekly Rock Report for January 31, 1998
1 Various Essential Pebbles - Vol. 1 AIP
2 Magnog More Weather Kranky
3 Unwound Challenge for a Civilized Society Kill Rock Stars
4 Electric Frankenstein Time is Now Kado
5 Dump A Plea for Tenderness Brinkman
6 August Spies "Deadbeat 7""" Rodent Popsicle
7 Gerty Farish Bulks Up Load
8 Salamanders Red Ampersand Camera Obscura
9 Urban Ambience Exiles in Limbo W Bla
10 Snap-Her Queen Bitch of Rock n Roll New Red
11 Red Eye 9 Three Songs -
12 Azalia Snail Breaker Mortar Dark Beloved Cloud
13 Godheadsilo Share the Fantasy SubPoop
14 Lockgroove Rewired Krave
15 "Verdone, Jules" Diary of a Liar QDivision
16 "Eitzel, Mark" "Caught in a Trap and I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby" Matador
17 Endeavor Constructive Semantics Trustkill
18 Various News Goo Mouth Almighty
19 Automatic "Second Skin 7""" Capsule
20 Silver Apples Beacon Whirlybird
21 Various I've Got No Friends Fat Einstein
22 Grand Island "Buckler 7""" Super 8
23 Avail/(Young) Pioneers The Fall of Richmond split CDEP Lookout
24 Motards Saturday Night Special Empty
25 Pinkerton Thugs The Pain and the Pinkerton Thugs VML
26 Chrome Cranks Live in Exile Au Go Go
27 Garnet The Path/Black Dress EricK
28 Meltaways Solid Grey Electroslug
29 June of 44 Four Great Points Quarterstick
30 Ruins Refusal Fossil Skin Graft
31 Lillingtons Shit out of Luck Clearview/Skullduggery
32 God is My Co-Pilot Je Suis Trop Confert Dark Beloved Cloud
33 rebuilthangartheory/Bermuda "Split 7""" Anchor
34 Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. BMC
35 Binge S/T Fan Attic
37 Chrome Cranks Live in Exile Au Go Go
38 Garnet The Path/Black Dress EricK
39 Meltaways Solid Grey Electroslug
40 June of 44 Four Great Points Quarterstick
41 Ruins Refusal Fossil Skin Graft

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