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Monthly Rock Report for April 1997
1 Huns Live at the Palladium 1979 Get Hip
2 Tugboat Annie Wake Up & Disappear Kim Chee/Big Top
3 Karate In Place of Real Insight Southern
4 Makers Hunger Estrus
5 Various They Came from MASS Big Wheel Recreation
6 Dirt Merchants Swiss Bank e.p. V-Hold
7 Sleater Kinney Dig Me Out Kill Rock Stars
8 Three1/2 Girls Rule Curve of the Earth
9 Ten Yard Fight Hardcore Pride Equal Vision
10 Pennywise Full Circle Epitaph
11 Various Caught in the Cyclone Cyclone
12 All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors "I Am Where You Were 7""" Gern Blandsten
13 Moped "Naked, Sharp & Plastic 7""" Vital Cog
14 Various Allston Rock City Curve of the Earth
15 Yo La Tengo Autumn Sweater Matador
16 Beatnik Filmstars Phase 3 No Life
17 Folk Implosion Insinuation Communion
18 Straight Faced Broken Fearless
19 Suspects New Dawn Torque
20 Sea and Cake The Fawn Thrill Jockey
21 Los Ass Draggers Abby Road Kill Crypt
22 Stillsuit Speed of Light TVT
23 Behead the Prophet Great and Fiery Force Outpunk
24 Pendulum Floors Kicking Good Time Villa Villanula
25 Hovercraft Akathisia Mute
26 Thee Hydrogen Terrors "Terror, Diplomacy, Public Relations" Load
27 Helium No Guitars Matador
28 Chug Metalon Alias
29 Scissor Girls Here is the Is Not Atavistic
30 Remission Our Days Are #'d Beer City
31 Pin Group S/T Siltbreeze
32 Prickly Velleity Harriet
33 Sunshine Super Scum "Two Reactions 7""" Siltbreeze
34 Palace Music Lost Blues and Other Songs Drag City
35 Cul de Sac I Don't Want to Go to Bed Thirsty Ear
36 Christie Front Drive S/T Caulfield
37 Boo Radleys C'mon Kids Creation
38 Van Pelt Sultans of Sentiment Gern Blandsten
39 Moviola Really Understand Dom Wabana Ore LTD
40 Clickitat Ikatowi Live August 29 + 30 1995 Gravity
41 Papas Fritas Helioself Minty Fresh
42 Belle and Sebastian If Your Feeling Sinister Enclave
43 Frogs Starjob Scratchie
44 Karp S/T K
45 Ativin "Modern Gang Reader 7""" Secretly Canadian
46 Candy Machine S/T Dischord
47 Habit Trail "Turning Mid-Yang 7""" 1st Woo
48 Braniac Electro-shock for President e.p. Touch n Go
49 Insomniacs Out of It Estrus
50 Queers "Bubblegum Dreams 7""" Lookout
51 Shoegazer Two Boxing Brown Bears T.O.N.

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